Fundamental Rights and Private Relations in Greek and European Law

Foreword: Petros I. Pararas, Professor Emeritus at the Democritus University of Thrace, Emeritus Vice President of the Counsil of State

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Συγγραφέας: Ακριβοπούλου Χριστίνα Μ., Δεληγιάννη-Δημητράκου Χριστίνα

The book at hand is the result of this scientific collaboration. Its scope is to fill the gap within both the Greek and international academic theory regarding the horizontal effect of fundamental rights. Although at a European level the question at issue has been in the centre of several collective endeavours, it has never been thoroughly studied as far as Greek law is concerned. Thus, in this framework, the present book comprises an opportunity to present the issue of the horizontal effect of fundamental rights as it is developed in the Greek legal system as well as it has evolved in the interaction of the latter with European and international law.

Naturally, this book does not strive to comprehensively cover the subject at issue. Indeed, the issue of the horizontal effect of fundamental rights is a dynamic one that has developed mainly through the relevant judicial practice, and is thus extended to a wide range of legal fields, while it constantly develops accordingly. Nevertheless, this book certainly does intend to shed the light on its most recent evolvements, from a national, comparative and international perspective. In other words, the book aims to re-interpret the Greek version of the theory of the horizontal effect of fundamental rights, as it has developed in a globalised and internationalised legal framework.

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